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Coming Back to You Date: Feb 6th @ 4:13am EST
Hello everyone ! :)

I have missed the feeling that I have when I am in front of you ,laughing ,joking ,dancing and feeling wonderful in my 'intimacy' :P ! So I decided to come back to the place where I always felt amazing !

I am looking forward to enjoy my time here !
See you soon ! :)
Fantasy Date: Jun 17th @ 8:00am EDT
I am sitting on my bed ,wearing some loose clothes,light is very low..And you sit next to the door ,in the dark ,watching me ..I take my dildo and i start sucking it ,with passion ..i slowly penetrate my pussy and i play with it ,till i cum . You come close and tie my hands with a scarf ..your cock is hard and wet ..i start sucking you looking into your eyes ..i beg you to cum ..and u release your hot sperm into my mouth .It tastes delicious ! :D
Pleasure room Date: Feb 14th @ 8:05am EST
What do you imagine when you hear the notion of pleasure room?! I imagine, a sexy, steamy night of teasing and going all the way! I imagine shivers,skin and kinky smiles shown from left to right! If you can imagine more than that...or even what I told you, don't forget to be at the next party! Sunday, at 4 pm east with the help of my girls and of flirt4free intent to blow your mind away! Don't you dare miss it!

Kisses :*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
Hello guys and ladies! Date: Jan 15th @ 3:54pm EST
Soooo the last party , the xmas one gave me a huge hang-over the next day. My head was throbing , let's hope this new party will end up better than the last one, haha , at least for my head. what in god's name happened?! I ended up home with half of my underwear...geez...anyways..see you at 4 pm on sunday!
Hello guys and girls! Date: Apr 8th @ 7:51am EDT
I have a few days since i first met Flirt4free.So far ,so good! I enjoy talking with each one of you,that means you also have to start a conversation with me :P..i would love to know you better,to find out what you like and change 'informations' with you!
See you tonight! :)
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